Popularity as a flawed proxy

Popularity as proxy for success is probably a bad idea.

Python vs Javascript for neural networks

Machine Learning
Comparing Python to Javascript for neural networks based on features.

Scaffolding in Eleventy

Static website
Automate everything: scaffolding in Eleventy and my own package Steiger.

Building Autodiff from Scratch

Machine Learning
Building Autodiff from Scratch in Javascript. Madness!

Inject Context

Advanced context injection in Python. Not for the faint of heart.


Watching Rick Hickey and trying out Clojure.

Back to Hugo

Static website
Why I went back to Hugo from Sapper: my productivity crashed on this blog.

Import fun with Parcel

Bundling for NodeJS has ways to go before being comparable to compiled languages.

Experiment: Blog with Sapper

Static website
The post where I went experimental and used Sapper/Svelte for my website.

Starlette: A tale that was silently swallowed by uvicorns.

Tracing weird bugs through the absence of stack traces.

Starlette and Socketio Improvements

A note how you can combine Starlette, Uvicorn and SocketIO in the same loop, respecting SIGINT.

HTTP Redirects and Funny behaviour

HTTP isn't as easy as you think, especially with redirects.

Decimals and DynamoDB

A story on how I ended up adding ducktape code and putting it in production. It still hurts.

Flask Pdf Download

Getting generating PDF downloads in Flask to actually work. Not as easy as it sounds...

Python Partial

A short note on Python partials and why it's awsome.

Starlette and Socketio

A recipy on how to get Starlette + SocketIO working.

Posture of cats: machine learning with fast.ai

Machine learning
Use the fast.ai library to classify the posture of cats in images.